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About Medtra (s) Pte Ltd

MEDTRA (S) PTE LTD (The Company) established since 2001.

Medtra (S) Pte Ltd is a regional supplier of all kinds of packaging materials, mainly GLASS and PLASTIC materials. We specialize in manufacturing of bottles, containers, packaging material/accessories, medicated raw material, and Pure Essential oils. Medtra (S) Pte Ltd supplies to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, wellness, petroleum, and other related industries.
As global demands and requirements for high quality and services increase, Medtra (S) Pte Ltd has transformed from a trader to factory- representative and distributorship. With this transformation, we are able to control and commit tasks that involves the process from design to finish products. This enables us to maintain and ensure the quality will always meet the requirements of the customers as well as diligently adhere to the delivery time frame to our customers, and to provide after-sale support by our team of dedicated staff.
We are employing a “One-Stop-Shop concept” to facilitate convenience for our customers to shop with ease. Customers receive quality products without all the unnecessary processes and headache, saving time and effort, wherever you are.
Medtra (S) Pte Ltd always believe in supplying our products with environmental and health conscience practices, cleanliness and recycle of packaging material are employed to help build a greener world.
Customers value our sound reputation for quality products, variable products range, knowledgeable products recommendation, commendable delivery/services and consistent business enhancement.
Please call on our Customers Service or visit our comfortable show-room, we look forward to serving you with our great team.